Symrise Pet Food is the global leader in sustainable, high-value solutions designed to improve pets’ well-being and owners’ satisfaction.

We are the Pet Food division of Symrise’s Taste, Nutrition, & Health segment, which combines expertise to provide innovative ingredient solutions and extended value propositions for the food and beverage, pet food, and aquafeed industries.

Our partnerships with stakeholders throughout the value chain are built around making the most of pets’ quality of life. In turn, this helps increase pet owners’ satisfaction and supports the performance of our customers’ brands. We offer a full array of products and services aimed at enhancing pet food palatability, pet nutrition, and pet food protection.

With operations in Asia Pacific, Europe Africa & Middle East, Latin America, and North America, we maintain global reach and market connections that deliver practical synergies to our customers.


Imagine all this and more, supporting you and your brand:


dedicated employees


advanced production sites


opinionated cats & dogs

Our one ambition: to be at the heart of every eating experience by 2030 – bringing all pets a better life

Our strategy,
aligning goals
on three axes:


Assert leadership
in Pet Food Palatability


Accelerate globalization
in Pet Nutrition


Be the natural player
in Pet Food Protection

Our approach

Pets' well-being

It is at the heart of our mission, so naturally we design our solutions to prioritize pets’ well-being. To gather informed, reliable opinions on animals’ preferences, we have teamed up with 1100 cats and dogs – experts in testing pet-food palatability. In gratitude for the insights they provide, we guarantee them ideal living conditions in our four Panelis measurement centers.

We have also created an Animal Ethics Committee to evaluate research projects conducted by Symrise Pet Food and its research partners, objectively ensuring that all procedures fully respect the animals' well-being.


Our team includes more than 100 scientists with expertise as flavorists, ethologists, veterinarians, nutritionists, process engineers, product technologists, microbiologists, and analytical chemists. Insights from pets, owners, and pet food manufacturers inform our holistic approach bringing fresh solutions to the market. We connect our customers with advanced R&D capabilities and maintain partnerships with companies, universities, and scientific institutes from around the world.

Sustainable by nature, and by design

Born from the desire to make the most of local raw materials while working efficiently in concert with our customers, Symrise Pet Food's sustainability drive emphasizes four key elements: reducing our footprint; employing innovation; optimizing sourcing; and caring for people, pets, and the planet.

Our low-carbon initiative is just one example of the conscientious programs that will drive our sustainable solutions and processes for the future.

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Global standards

Pet owners and pet food manufacturers count on us to ensure the quality and safety of the foods pets consume. We embrace this responsibility. To fulfill our commitment, we insist on maintaining the highest quality standards and operational excellence in all our subsidiaries worldwide.

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