Nuvin™ delivers natural ingredients and deep expertise to help build animal nutrition that serves evolving consumer demands.

The more pet owners demand high-quality, clean, sustainable products and processes, the more critical it becomes for you to rely on Nuvin. We will help build your pet foods on our foundational ingredients, including trusted, sustainably sourced egg, chicken, health, and hydrolyzed protein solutions. Let's work together to make your products more pleasing and your brand more beloved.

"Pet parents” is a concept that's here to stay. Give these animal lovers the products they need to feed their pets with the loving care they deserve.

Here are the first of many reasons to count on Nuvin for the ideas, ingredients, resources, and principles that help your products and your business perform at their best.


an authoritative record of quality, safety, and sustainability offering you uncommon confidence


expert researchers, developers, and marketing specialists ensuring you need never work alone


conscientious caring for people, pets, our customers, and the natural environment we all share


prioritizing pets’ quality of life – a principle that informs all of our programs and practices

Experts in helping pets thrive, with essential ingredients for your pet foods.

Our ingredient portfolio is exceptionally deep and wide. Nuvin offers you sustainable primary nutrition sources with the expertise and capabilities to help your brand stand out in the most competitive markets.

Dig deeper into our versatile lines of high-quality ingredients

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Egg Ingredients

Nature's most complete whole food item

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Chicken Ingredients

Satisfying, nutritious protein, fats, and broths

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Hydrolyzed Proteins

Standardized, stable, pet-preferred proteins

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Health Products

Helping pets live well

Expert ideas for applying premium-quality ingredients

Consumers make choices based on nutrition, pet preferences, format, label appeal, and so much more. Nuvin helps you balance it all, with an uncommon range of premium ingredients and the expertise to use them well in formulating all kinds of dry foods, wet foods, and treats.

Other ways to discover Nuvin ingredients

Face your formulating challenges with confidence, knowing Nuvin offers versatile ingredients that deliver the nutritional and functional benefits consumers demand.

For healthy food

Natural nutrition comes first, and we help you deliver it with the trending ingredients, novel delivery formats, and custom products consumers want now. Get all this, plus our vast experience in creative development.

For product performance

Companion animals – and their owners – have distinct preferences when it comes to pet food's consistency, texture, and form. We'll help you deliver your carefully crafted pet formula in its most appealing condition.

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Optimize your offering with our Pet Food Palatability and Protection solutions

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Palatability solutions

Delivering more sensory joy

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Pet food protection

Keeping your products fresh and appealing

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