Symrise Pet Food offers pet food manufacturers what they need to deliver the quality consumers demand for the pets in their family.

More than ingredients, we provide complete solutions to help establish, grow, or strengthen your business.

Whether your company is large or small, new or well-known to the market, we help support your product claims and performance sustainably, and always with the right pet food palatability, pet nutrition, and pet food protection.

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Pet food palatability, pet nutrition, and pet food protection are critical concerns – all around the world, throughout diverse cultures and markets, whether products are positioned as standard or premium. That's why so many manufacturers rely on our mastery in providing these three essential components.

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Pet food palatability

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Pet nutrition

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Pet food protection

Our capabilities

Beyond high-value ingredients, Symrise Pet Food delivers expert support and comprehensive capabilities throughout the process of developing your products.

Explore everything we can do for your business:

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Our capabilities at your service

Find out what we can bring to the products you offer pets and owners

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Palatability measurement with Panelis

Gain expert insights into pets’ preferences

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Pet owners’ expectations by Yummypets

Tap into pet onwers’ perceptions and buying behavior

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