Gain insight into cats’ and dogs’ feeding behaviors, sensory preferences, and enjoyment with Panelis, our innovative, pet-friendly measurement center.

To be the worldwide expert in pet food palatability measurement, Panelis consults cats and dogs themselves – in a caring environment ensuring the highest standards for their well-being, or at home thanks to a great community of committed pet owners. In return, these pets help us deliver reliable, insightful data on the foods or olfactive stimuli they prefer and how they enjoy them.

You can proceed with confidence at all stages of product development, knowing you have varied and robust answers directly from pets and their owners.

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cats & dogs

pictogram of an expert appetence measurement center with the pictogram of a house, with the pictograms of a dog's head and a cat's head inside, and 5 stars above.


expert measurement centers


in-home panel

Panelis secures reliable, accurate results thanks to exemplary quality standards and state-of-the-art tools.


proper pet selection & training, plus precise qualification & follow-up of pets & panels


statistical robustness & relevance under controlled & repeatable testing conditions


high-tech tools & innovative methods for accurate, innovative, & traceable measurements


more than 80 highly trained animal specialists ensuring pets’ well-being in a caring environment

provides essential support for your strategic decisions

Our innovative and reliable assessment methods and criteria help you evaluate your products’ palatability and performance precisely and objectively, with a view toward identifying opportunities to differentiate your brand.

Panelis offers robust and varied differentiating methods for dry food, wet food, and treats, helping you respond to industry challenges by increasing product performance and delivering on your brand promises.

Expert panels

Reliable understanding of pet preferences gained from our rigorous, pet-centric methods

In-Home panels

Pet preferences plus owners’ perceptions, collected in real in-home conditions

What would you like to do?

See for yourself how Panelis can support your decision-making and brand objectives with our complete offer.

Analyze food consumption and identify enjoyment signals

Measure your product’s attractiveness to pets, assess their enjoyment through consumption levels, or observe the consumption behaviors your food elicits.

Characterize all facets of your product

Benchmark your pet food’s comparative attractiveness to pets, identify consumption patterns, or assess owners’ perception of the product’s sensory properties

Predict how owners will feel at home

Observe how pets respond to your pet food, evaluate owners’ perception of their pets’ satisfaction, or assess the owner’s overall satisfaction with your product./p>

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