Yummypets offers a unique gateway between pet parents and the pet food industry, directly providing insights you can use about pet owners’ perceptions.

A growing dataset of more than 40 million records allows us to capture, analyze, and deliver insights on owners’ expectations, purchase habits, and other behaviors.

No. 1

social network for pets

3 million

pet owners participating


countries with proprietary
pet owner panels

Yummypets is a pet-food partner like no other, placing the power of our unparalleled resources at your service.


social media platform and panels


pet owners on our platform


community of pet parents


vast amounts of owner data for panel segmenting precision 

Pet owners’ insights:
the data you need to drive your business decisions.

We recognize your need for market insights to build your strategy and validate your brand and product positioning.

Yummypets supports your quest with research results that help you prepare stronger product launches and win valuable new markets.

How Yummypets supports your product development

Choose from a range of methods yielding valuable insights from pet owners:

Tailor-made consumer surveys answering your questions about pet owners

Online quantitative consumer studies designed to get answers to your strategic questions about pet owners’ behavior and expectations, brand awareness, concept assessment, and much more!

Bi-monthly studies about on-trend pet food topics

Studies conducted through segmented populations of pet owners, providing insights into subjects like cats' and dogs’ nutrition, proteins, sustainability, and claims on packaging

Simple, straightforward questions addressed to pet owners

Get a near-immediate sense of consumers’ preferences and opinions on targeted subjects.

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