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We achieved our position of leadership in the global pet food industry by helping manufacturers make the most of our nourishing natural ingredients.

Along the way, we have gained significant expertise in the key aspects of pet food palatability, pet nutrition, and pet food protection – as well as the responsibility of managing it sustainably. We are happy to share our knowledge with you!

Inter - panel diagnosis, a comparison of palatability answers obtained in expert, semi-expert and naive cat panels

Scientific Poster | Discover how palatability answers can vary between expert, semi-expert and naive cat panels

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Ensuring reliable palatability measurement

White Paper | Afraid of biases and risk of false conclusions? Discover how to avoid the traps of palatability measurement

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Methods to assess food preferences in dogs and cats

Scientific Publication | Discover the different approaches and techniques used to measure pet food palatability, either with expert panels or naive individuals.

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A new method to assess odor influence on the dog food selection

Scientific Publication | Discover a new method to assess odor influence on dog food selection

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Where do we stand in the domestic dog positive-emotion assessment

Scientific Publication | From behavior to physiology, discover innovative approaches to assess pleasure and happiness in dogs…

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Current and innovative methods for assessing pet food preferences with cats and dogs

Scientific Poster | From feed intake to body language... discover all the methods to measure cats and dogs preferences

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How to improve analyses and highlights of graded paired comparisons tests

Scientific Poster | Get the most of 2-bowls tests

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Sustainable palatants

Scientific Poster | From alternative sourcing to eco-design, find out how to improve palatability while addressing pet food industry challenges

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Moisture impact on kibble parameters and dog’s sensory perception

Scientific Poster | Find out how water content modifies dog kibbles' texture, aromatic profile and palatability

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Catering to cats' individual preferences

Scientific Poster | Cats have individual preferences that are both innate and acquired. Find out how they can be characterized

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Kibble coating: back to basics

White Paper | Palatability enhancers application is a delicate operation. Discover how to efficiently apply palatants and fats in top coating, and maximize your product performance!

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Identification of key aroma compounds for cat and dog palatability

Scientific Poster | Discover how to identify volatiles molecules palatable for cats and dogs

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Natural antioxidants, the right choice

White Paper | Discover the combined power of green tea, rosemary and tocopherols to naturally protect your fats and kibbles.

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Combined effect of natural antioxidants in poultry fat and sunflower oil used in pet food

Scientific Poster | Tocopherols, green tea extract and rosemary extracts can delay fat oxidation. For optimal protection, mixtures of these compounds have to be tailored to each type of fat.

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How to measure pet food palatability: methods overview

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Why dried egg is the perfect ingredient for pet food

In an eggshell: Discover the hidden nutritional treasures of eggs

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Pet food protection: what is a challenge study

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