Palatability, your best ally to achieve compliance!

Pet parents sometimes struggle to administer oral drugs and dietary supplements.

Giving daily medication for treatment of chronic disease can be especially frustrating, resulting in unpleasant moments for both the pet and the pet parent.

Bad experience while administering drugs or dietary supplements may have significant impacts:


of dog owners think that bad experiences can significantly damage their emotional bond with their cherished companion


of cat owners state that bad experiences result in only partial intake by their cat


of cat owners give up the treatment when it is difficult to administer

SPF palatability solutions are your best ally to increase drug and dietary supplement acceptance by pets and guarantee compliance of pets in taking the treatment and pet parents in giving the treatment. Increased palatability is your best ally to make pet parents happy and pets healthy.

Our solutions for drugs and supplements

Solutions for every galenic to delight each pet!

Palatability enhancers are your best ally to achieve compliance. Thanks to their holistic knowledge of pets, products, and pet parents, SPF solutions have been improving the taste of pills, tablets, chews, pastes, and liquids for more than 15 years.

Our solutions have a minimum shelf life of 12 months and we can guarantee recipe stability for the lifetime of your drug.

Find the right SPF solution for each of your galenic and significantly increase the palatability performance of your product!

Adapted to every galenic

Palatability studies conducted on a placebo tablet demonstrate that SPF palatability solutions significally improve the consumption of tablets by cats and dogs.

Catering to the specific preferences of each pet

SPF researches have demonstrated that pets express different preferences, which can be innate or acquired. Cats and dogs have different anatomical and sensorial equipment, which explains why they respond differently to smells and tastes.

SPF product portfolio includes a specific range of palatability solutions for cats and a specific one for dogs.

Vegetable-based palatability solutions

To meet the challenges of the growing needs of the planet (animal protein availability, food safety crisis, custom barriers, and sustainability), SPF researched and developed vegetable-based palatability solutions.

The promise of a sustainable generation of high-level palatability without animal proteins solutions is no longer a dream for manufacturers and will delight cats and dogs around the world.

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