Feeding the finest in livestock production

As part of our commitment to advancing animal nutrition, Symrise provides solutions for feed formulators and their customers – including some of the world’s most demanding livestock and aquaculture producers.

We make high-quality, natural ingredients available to support animals’ health and vitality, with protein and other ingredients created by valorizing residual flows from human-food processing. By participating in a circular food system and preventing unnecessary waste, you can join us in developing and delivering the great feeds of the future!

Look into our sustainable feed products

Naturally complete egg nutrition

Egg is nature’s most complete whole food item. Put its nutritional power into your products with our versatile range of ingredients made from whole egg or yolk. Protein content and nutrient profiles can be chosen to fit to your formulation.

Highly digestible calcium, sustainably sourced

This simple, circular calcium source outperforms limestone and coral ingredients for digestibility and sustainability. Small amounts of protein and fat, along with traces of other nutritious minerals, make egg shell the superior choice.

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