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Life Cycle Assessment is a standardized method used to evaluate the impact of a product on the environment during its whole life.

As the first step in designing and proposing more sustainable solutions, Symrise Pet Food conducted such an assessment, following the guidelines of the ISO 14044 LCA methodology and the European Commission's Pet Food Footprint Assessment Group.

Life cycle assessment: how to measure pet food's environmental impact

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See where we all fit into the cycle – and get inspired as a partner in the ecosystem we share.

Symrise Pet Food's sustainability strategy is based on general CSR principles and our particular interest in valorizing local raw materials while being close to customers. 
We consider a product's impact through all stages of its life cycle – from extraction of raw materials through processing, transportation, packaging, and delivery to clients in pet food markets everywhere.

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Suppliers, customers, Symrise – we are all part of the same ecosystem.
Our eco-design matrix is one powerful tool to help meet environmental challenges, and we know of many other levers to pull!

We would be happy to have your partnership in meeting these challenges. Let’s work together!

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