SPF reinvents pet food palatability to enhance pets' sensorial
experience and make mealtime a shared happy moment.

If you could ask cats and dogs what is their favorite moment of the day, they would probably answer, loud and clear: mealtime!
That is why, for pet owners, providing their dearest companions the most tasty and enjoyable food is more and more a non-negotiable requirement when choosing a brand. They want to:

Share a happy mealtime
with their pet

Witness their pets
enjoy their food

Buy tasty pet food
which meets their expectations

Palatability as core business

As the worldwide leader and reference in palatability, SPF combines technical expertise and innovation to develop product concepts
that help improving food attractiveness for pets by offering novel forms of palatability enhancement.

Is it magic? No, it’s just science!

The secret behind the scene? A holistic approach, powered by a real scientific background.
SPF teams have a deep understanding of  animals’ needs and specificities, pet owners’ expectations and pet food attributes. This enabled them to develop a high expertise in terms of pets’ preferences, and how palatability affects cats and dogs’ feeding behavior. Going beyond the simple measurement of the performance of a palatability enhancer by analyzing all dimensions of pet food products, from the ingredients to the final production process.

The closer, the better

Serving regional markets with local production sites is a long-standing strategy at SPF. The unique local technical and sales network developed by SPF ensures manufacturers real proximity and customer service.
SPF regional teams have an acute understanding of local pet food market needs and challenges. The solutions they design are perfectly adapted to meet the local expectations. Close to raw materials, SPF also guarantees an efficient supply chain and back-up solutions for manufacturers around the world.


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Palatability in all its glory!

Whether in dry (as powder) or in wet (as liquid) form, SPF’s palatability enhancers for coating and inclusion, are conceived to increase the attractiveness of dry pet food, wet pet food, and pet treats. 

Discover how to apply palatants in top coating

Always learning from its customers’ precious feedbacks, SPF develops tailor made solutions and offers personalized assistance, from product development to its final application.

You have claims, SPF has the products!

Pet owners have become pet parents, their expectations shape market trends and influence product conception. Your products must cater to these demanding shoppers and consumers; the era of “One size fits all” is over.
You need to find the right palatability solutions which will support your product positioning. Find out how SPF palatability solutions are ideally suited to your product claims:

Meeting pet lovers’ expectations 

To make sure that mealtime is a shared happy moment; SPF always keeps the human satisfaction in mind. Therefore, its “SENSATIONS” solutions are designed to improve the visual and olfactory aspect of pet foods, so both pets and their owners have a great time together!

Meeting performance requirements

SPF palatability enhancers are “ESSENTIAL” to achieve the performance that your market segment needs. From cost efficient solutions to top of the class palatability, the SPF range can help you reach your performance target.

Supporting pets’ well-being

Owners are more and more concerned about their pet’s health and well-being. Some of our four-legged friends are more sensitive or have special needs, SPF “VITALITY” palatability solutions are designed specifically for cat and dog’s diets with health benefits. 

Supporting performance naturally

Naturality is a growing human food trend which has quickly crossed over to pet food. Some consumers prefer natural foods for their companions; without additives and preservatives. SPF “NATURAL” is the right choice for pet food manufacturers seeking palatability solutions that are naturally preserved. 

Supporting recipe claims

No added cereals or sugar, non-GMO, soy free, single protein source… SPF “SELECTION” supports all pet food brands claims by offering palatability solutions suited to the recipe.

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