SPF is the key partner in improving the palatability of your products – so they please pets and satisfy their owners.

Palatability is what makes a food or ingredient stimulating to a cat’s or dog’s appetite, thus encouraging the pet to eat the food and enjoy satisfaction from the meal.

This means palatability must be a critical part of your strategy to ensure your product is consumed and repurchased. Because it also makes mealtime a shared happy moment, palatability reinforces the bond between the pet and owner – an emotional connection with strong positive implications for your brand.

No. 1

Palatability is the no. 1 factor in pet owners’ purchase decisions is the taste their pets prefer

Our palatability expertise is based on a holistic approach that combines an extensive knowledge of:


Physical & chemical properties


Sensory apparatus and individual preferences


Pets’ and owners’ relationship & product presentation

As the worldwide leader and industry standard in palatability, SPF offers unparalleled products and services backed by 40 years of expertise.


unique knowledge of pets’ mealtime preferences and behaviors with Panelis – and of owners’ expectations with Yummypets


innovative solutions powered by strong research capabilities and developed through a holistic approach to animal, owner, and product


product quality, performance, and availability guaranteed through our plants worldwide, thanks to standardized manufacturing processes


global network of factories and sales offices with dedicated local teams, ensuring excellence through resourceful, responsive customer service


eco-designed products and factories adhering to strict environmental standards

Our product portfolio

Pet owners have become “pet parents,” with demanding expectations for the foods they provide these beloved family members. This phenomenon now shapes market trends and influences product conceptions like never before.

Whether your operation is large or small, you need the right palatability solutions to support your product’s positioning, from standard all the way to the super premium category.

We offer palatability solutions for cats and dogs, in liquid and powder forms, that are ideally suited to your products and your process.

Palatants for all types of pet foods:

For dry food

For wet food

For treats

For drugs and supplements

You have pet food claims. We have solutions!

SPF has a broad range of palatability enhancers to support your pet food claims and market positioning.

Based on your needs and regulatory constraints, we provide you the solution delivering palatability enhancers with the right performance and answering your specific claim requests such as naturality, sustainability, and functionality support.

More you should know about SPF products

Pet-approved palatability

Performance of our palatability solutions is attested by expert panels of cats and dogs, selected from the 1,100 pets that are housed and cared for in our Panelis measurement centers.

More than 100 tests provide the confidence you need in our palatability products – covering development from design to industrialization!

Learn more about Panelis

Eco-designed products

Committed to the fight against climate change, SPF developed the eco-design matrix to assess and improve the environmental impacts of our products throughout their life cycle, from sourcing to customer delivery.

We have the expertise, solutions, and tools to meet your highest expectations for environmental care.

Learn more about eco-design

By your side, all the way

Beyond high-value products, we deliver expert support and complete capabilities throughout your product-development process.

Discover our capabilities

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