Our mission

Symrise Pet Food is the global leader of high value solutions improving pets’ well-being and owners’ satisfaction.

Many pet owners today consider their pets as members of their own family. The phenomenon of ‘pet parenting’ has gone beyond a passing trend. Pet owners project their own preferences onto their pets, which means that they are becoming more engaged when shopping for pet products. They expect more product choice and quality, as well as enjoyment for their pets.

Symrise Pet Food partners with all stakeholders towards improving the quality of life of pets, increasing pet owner satisfaction, and supporting customer brand performance.

Our strategy


Comfort leadership in Pet Food Palatability


Accelerate globalization in Pet Nutrition


Ramp up new businesses in Pet Food Protection

Our history

Symrise Pet Food is a division of Symrise within the Taste, Nutrition & Health segment.
Our division gathers legacy entities who have delivered high value-solution to pet food manufacturers worldwide for more than 40 years: Diana Pet Food, acquired by Symrise in 2014, ADF/IsoNova, acquired by Symrise in 2019, Schaffelaarbos, acquired by Symrise in 2022.

All 3 companies joined forces in March 2022 as the Pet Food division of Symrise delivering clients with an extended portfolio of brands supporting them on 3 essential aspects of their pet food products: 

Pet Food Palatability

Pet Nutrition

Pet Food Protection
with the joint-venture between Symrise and Kalsec

Diana Pet Food, ADF/IsoNova, Schaffelaarbos all share the same origins:
they are born from the willingness to valorize side-stream raw materials and to stay close to suppliers and customers through a strong local presence.