The single most complete whole food, period.

By nature, an egg contains the ideal components for nourishing a growing animal. Nuvin takes this natural nourishment a few steps further, valorizing side streams of raw materials from human food processing to create quality egg ingredients for pet food customers.

To make it all work for you, our Innovation Center provides the R&D expertise and capabilities that help ensure your product's success.

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Why dried egg is the perfect ingredient for pet food

In an eggshell: Discover the hidden nutritional treasures of eggs

People and pets agree on egg

Since egg feeds the needs of people as well as their animal companions, we want to make the most of all the nutrition it contains. So we find inventive ways to channel what won't be used for human food into producing high-quality pet food ingredients.

Why egg is ideal

Tasty, satisfying, and ready to deliver strong benefits beyond nourishment, egg also provides pet foods with functional qualities like better texture and excellent binding.

Formulating freedom

The full range of Nuvin egg products helps inspire new ideas, by making nutritious egg ingredients available in a variety of versatile formats to give you broader formulating flexibility.

Explore our egg ingredients

Our Ovalin™ range

Dried egg ingredients (whole, yolk, white) offering a wide range of protein content and supporting compliance with relevant animal welfare standards.

Ovalin™ 33

Dried Egg Yolk

Available in Europe, Africa , & Middle East, and in Asia Pacific

Ovalin™ 46

Dried Whole Egg

Available in North America, Europe, Africa, & Middle East , and in Asia Pacific

Ovalin™ 70

Concentrated Egg Protein

Available in North America

Ovalin™ 80

Egg White

Available in North America

Our OvaBind® range

Advanced functional solutions for binding, emulsifying, enhancing texture, improving shelf stability, and much more.

OvaBind® 70

Egg-Based Binder

Available in North America

OvaBind® 80

Egg-Based Binder

Available in North America

Our NEM® eggshell membrane

NEM® brand partially hydrolyzed eggshell membrane contains three kinds of joint health support in one powerful ingredient. A prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study conducted in several canine breeds demonstrated eggshell membrane's outstanding benefits for joint comfort and flexibility as well as cartilage protection.

NEM® eggshell membrane

Joint health ingredients

Available in North America


Exceptional nutrition and functionality make Nuvin egg ideal for innovation. When you're looking for the next big thing – or making a good thing better – we can elevate virtually any format or formulation.




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