Antioxidants: solutions to protect the quality of pet foods and treats

Oxidation causes rancidity, making the flavors and smells of pet foods unappealing and risking rejection by both pets and pet parents. It also decreases nutritional value. Our antioxidants help maintain a quality eating experience for pets and higher product satisfaction for owners.

Antioxidants in pet food: the earlier, the better

Renderers commonly add antioxidants to raw materials before processing, as well as directly to the resulting fats, meals, and oils prior to packaging.

Antioxidants may also be used at the pet food manufacturer’s plant to protect these ingredients during storage and extrusion. A final application when fat is applied in top coating can help preserve lipids during the kibble’s entire shelf life.

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Protect your pet food from oxidation, naturally

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Explore Videka antioxidants

Our cost-effective antioxidant solutions help the rendering and pet food industries face a range of technical challenges while offering natural alternatives to traditional synthetic products.

Videka’s liquid and dry formulations allow complete dispersion and incorporation at all points of the production process. Manufactured in human grade facilities with strict allergen protocols, our products do not contain materials of animal origin.


Duralox liquid blends are ideal for applications requiring natural lipid oxidation protection combined with tocopherols and other secondary antioxidants. Specific ratios of selected botanical extracts in each type of Duralox guarantee maximum antioxidant protection, with a synergistic effect that makes these blends extremely cost-effective.


The Herbalox line of natural liquid antioxidants uses only rosemary extract, a particularly important benefit for applications requiring limited ingredients and clean labels. We also offer organic Herbalox options.


Our Greenway dry blends deliver lipid oxidation protection with tocopherols and other secondary antioxidants, using selected botanical extracts at a variety of specific ratios for a cost-effective, synergistic combined impact.


For cost-effective, synergistic results with guaranteed maximum antioxidant protection, consider VideGuard liquid blends. When you formulate any application that requires natural lipid oxidation protection combined with tocopherols and other antioxidants, you can choose from a variety of VideGuard options based on specific ratios of selected botanical extracts.


Videka offers popular synthetic antioxidant blends to accommodate industry demand.


Videka antioxidant solutions for every step of your process

Ask for shelf-life studies

Let our advanced testing capabilities help you understand, refine, and gain robust data to ensure the quality and claims of your products. Our state-of-the art laboratories provide total support in shelf-life studies, routine testing on rendered and pet food samples, comparative studies, research, analytical requirements, and more to help ensure your product’s success – all free to our current and potential customers.


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