Sustainable from the start

The origins of today’s Symrise Pet Food can be traced to 1978, when two very different visionaries recognized the opportunity to reduce waste and add value to their businesses by valorizing side streams of raw materials that formerly would have gone unused.

In France, Jean Guyomarc’h created new growth drivers for the Guyomarc’h Group by developing pet food palatability enhancers derived from the company’s poultry by-products. In the USA, William Barr established American Dehydrated Foods (ADF®) as an egg and chicken brokering venture that would go on to supply manufacturers with premium dried pet food ingredients. Although they were unknown to each other, these innovators shared an inventive insight into the future of a more productive, efficient, rewarding, and sustainable pet food ingredient business.


Both SPF and ADF® legacy companies begin serving the pet food industry


Symrise’s acquisitions within the industry join forces as Symrise Pet Food

Our key milestones

Notable recent Symrise acquisitions and partnerships in pet food industry

Joint venture with Sunner in China

This joint venture will supply pet food markets in APAC with unique, sustainable, high-quality egg solutions.


Completion of WingBiotech acquisition in APAC

Capabilities added through Wing Biotech will allow Symrise to strengthen our market position in pet food palatability.


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