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Videka helps renderers address the wide range of technical challenges posed by concerns about oxidation or pathogenic bacteria.

We offer optimized oxidation-management formulations that enable complete dispersion and incorporation at all points of the manufacturing process, whether your application requires a dry or liquid solution.

Our product portfolio also includes natural antimicrobial solutions to kill Salmonella and other pathogenic organisms in raw and rendered materials, delivering trusted protection with no compromise on palatability.

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Solutions to stabilize fats, protein meals, and finished products

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Solutions that protect against microbial contamination

Find out about applications for our solutions

Videka’s antioxidants and antimicrobial solutions cover a variety of applications to help provide the best protection of raw materials, for food safety as well as taste and quality preservation:

These are the applications we support:


Meat and bone meal, meat meal, chicken meal, poultry by-product meal, fish meal, and other animal-based rendered meals


choice white grease, chicken fat, poultry fat, fish oil, yellow grease

Lab support

We partner with the rendering industry by providing excellent lab support and long-term, customized solutions for product protection and quality preservation.


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