Antimicrobials: preventing spoilage to protect pet food safety and quality

Factors such as moisture content, raw materials, and the production process can introduce pathogenic bacteria, yeast, and mold into your pet foods and ingredients. If these pathogens proliferate, you risk slowdowns in production, recalls, and even sick pets and people.

Videka offers solutions that protect against these safety hazards to help keep your pet food fresh and safe to eat from the production plant to the consumer's shelf – thus also guarding your business and your brand.

Different formulations for different functions

Pathogenic bacteria such as salmonella can cause illness in both pets and humans, which for pet food manufacturers would also trigger delays, extra costs, and the headaches of product recalls. Protecting against bacteria is particularly important during the rendering process and in raw materials, especially when using ingredients like raw poultry meat, ruminant by-products (like beef or lamb), and eggs.

Spoilage organisms such as yeast and mold, found throughout our environment, can shorten a product’s shelf life and reduce its palatability. Pet food manufacturers must protect against these hazards to reduce the risk of yeast and mold issues in finished goods.

Contaminated raw materials can create issues right down the production line, making antimicrobial use imperative from the beginning and throughout the production process (e.g., in kibble coating).

Explore Videka antimicrobials

The Videka antimicrobial range offers cost-effective protection solutions with the best ingredients on the market.

We back our products with world-class laboratories and scientists providing reliable testing to show just how well our formulations can work for you. Our range of solutions for wet and dry products comes in both liquid and dry formats. You can choose antimicrobials designed to prevent either yeast and mold or pathogenic bacteria, in both the rendering production and pet food manufacturing processes.


The AppliSafe™ line includes liquid and dry products to provide protection from pathogenic bacteria in rendered meals, fats, and coatings.


Our OmniGuard™ line features liquid and dry products that help protect against yeasts, molds, and other spoilage organisms in finished goods.

Antimicrobial applications

Find antimicrobial solutions for every step of your process

Ask for shelf-life studies

Collect, refine, and understand robust data to support your product’s quality and claims, with research and development (R&D) services from Videka.

Our state-of-the art laboratories deliver total support in shelf-life studies, routine testing on rendered and pet food samples, comparative studies, research, analytical requirements, and more to help ensure your project’s success. These services are free to our current and potential customers.


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