Wingbiotech provides pet food manufacturers with highly competitive palatability products backed by flexible and effective technical support.

With more than 15 years’ experience as a pet food ingredients supplier, Wingbiotech offers highly competitive palatability solutions that enable pet food manufacturers from China and South East Asia to optimize their market performance.


of pet food volume in the retail markets of China, Thailand and the Southeast Asia region comes from mid-range products.

Wingbiotech secures your product’s food safety and quality with certified solutions validated by pets.


provides answers to specific customer needs


supports customers in securing food safety and quality


can adapt to emerging market variety

Wingbiotech portfolio: broad and competitive solutions

Our reliable, highly competitive palatability products come with expert technical support to help you better serve the evolving demands of your markets.

We deliver cost-effective solutions based on your specific needs, product features, market positioning, and production equipment.

By developing our products in our own R&D lab and facilities, we provide fast answers to each customer’s particular challenges.

Find out more about Wingbiotech’s product portfolio:

C'Pal for cat foods

Our C'Pal range of palatability enhancers will satisfy even the fussiest cats, known for their strong preference for meat and fish.

D'Pal for dog foods

Our D'Pal palatants are designed for dogs, who are capable of detecting very subtle amounts of volatile compounds and will appreciate the delicately sweet taste and grilled or cooked meat flavors of this range.

U'Pal for treats

Specially designed to bring pets more delight in treats and snacks, these palatability enhancers are mixed with other ingredients and added to the product as an inclusion.

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Get the right palatability solutions for your business

Choose either powders or liquids, for palatability enhancers that bring good taste to all your products: dry food, wet food, and treats.

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