Superior nutrition with low processing constraints

Nuvin™ Pepti’One protein hydrolysates make delivering essential nutrition easier for formulators and more appealing for consumers and pets.

Pets’ digestive systems break down native proteins from the foods they eat into peptides and amino acids. Our gentle, enzymatic hydrolysis process does much of this work for them, improving the amino acids’ bioavailability. It also reduces the likelihood of allergic responses that whole proteins can trigger.

Sought-after protein sources

Our hydrolyzed protein ingredients come from premium sources including duck, lamb, salmon, and more – choices tailored to regional consumers’ preferences and raw-material availability – offering outstanding differentiation for your brand.

Validation for health claims

Use our hydrolyzed proteins to support the advanced claims customers consider priorities, such as gastrointestinal care, nutrient absorption, and reduced likelihood of allergic reactions – also known as adverse food responses (AFRs).

Minimal processing constraints

Gain critical advantages in processing efficiency and handling convenience compared to meat meals and fresh meats. Hydrolyzed protein ingredients provide versatility in application, direct use (no special preparation), and reliable shelf stability.

Discover our Pepti’One protein hydrolysates

Our Pepti’One range is composed of hydrolyzed protein ingredients bringing single-source benefits and consumer appeal.

Confidence in the kibble

Our premium-quality proteins offer optimal nutritional value for cats and dogs, ideal for developing easily digestible, hypoallergenic diets. Made from selected raw materials and standardized during gentle enzymatic hydrolysis, they’re ready to use directly in inclusion without further processing.

Prestige in the store

Consumers now often choose pet food products based on their own food preferences. Our hydrolyzed proteins come from premium animal species selected to be familiar and appealing to consumers in different regions of the world. They boast the proven advantages of digestive health support and reduced incidence of allergic reactions.


Take a look at the premium nutrition and low processing constraints these products offer your pet foods and your brand. Then consider our hydrolyzed protein ingredients when plotting your next formulation built to take on the world.




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