For the challenges manufacturers face today, we present a full complement of capabilities to help them design the premium pet foods of tomorrow.

Insights into market trends and pet owners' expectations. Testing of kibble matrices and measurement of palatability coatings. Process evaluation, scale-up, traceability, and more…
Develop your concepts with Symrise Pet Food and we will use our powers to help you define and achieve your ideal product and positioning.

Strong, unique market and R&D capabilities


Allow flexible testing of new ingredients, recipes, and processing conditions, while guaranteeing scalability


Enable tailor-made consumer surveys answering key questions about pet owners' priorities and preferences


Offers evaluation of different coating conditions, palatants, and kibble matrices


Deliver accurate, relevant, traceable measurements using high-technology tools and innovative methods


Facilitate chemical and physico-chemical analysis, as well as pet food shelf-life studies


Provides detailed insights into pets’ food enjoyment and owners’ satisfaction under real-life conditions

By your side,
all along the way

Wherever you are in the world, Symrise Pet Food has an expert team ready to take your next project where you want it to go.

From start to finish, we can help increase your market knowledge, optimize your R&D capabilities and industrial processes, and reach your objectives on target, on time, and on budget.

Market knowledge

Need a better understanding of global market trends? A comparative analysis of your offering? Professional support in creating a new concept, launching a future product, or finishing an R&D project?

We are experienced, equipped, and excited to help you see the way clearly and get there decisively.

Symrise Pet Food has the global reach, industry relationships, and in-depth experience to provide you a complete, illustrated analysis of pet food market trends all over the world.

We can also support you with custom consumer surveys that answer your critical questions about pet owners. Yummypets pet owner panel gleans valuable guidance based on data collection covering 3 million pet parents and pet owners panels in 7 countries.

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Support for creating your pet food product

Developing and producing quality pet food requires rigorous testing and continuous learning. It also requires having equipment to conduct these tests without impacting your industrial production line.

We are ready to handle all this and more when you collaborate with us.

Our flexible pilot production lines for dry and wet pet food allow us to test new ingredients, recipes, and processing conditions, while our R&D facilities help you carry out complete diagnosis and shelf-life studies of your kibble.

Support for applying our solutions

We know how important factors like kibble matrix and palatant application are to the attractiveness of a pet food product. They translate to the pet's enjoyment and the owner's satisfaction, so they can have a big impact on your brand and your sales.

We can support you by analyzing the quality of the palatant coating on your products and with application trials.

Validation by pets

Panelis can evaluate palatability and performance precisely and objectively, using innovative assessment methods and criteria that help identify differentiation opportunities for your brand.

We can compile reliable information on your product's performance based on direct responses from healthy, happy, and unstressed pets. Our process helps ensure scientifically reliable results, pets’ well-being, panel reliability, and cost control.

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Palatability measurement with Panelis

Gain expert insights into pets’ preferences

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Pet owners’ expectations by Yummypets

Tap into pet onwers’ perceptions and buying behavior

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