NuvinTM delivers natural ingredients and deep expertise
to help build animal nutrition that serves evolving consumer demands.

Whether they’re easygoing animal lovers or passionate "pet parents",
consumers’ sense of responsibility begins with the choices they make in feeding these special members of the family.

Today’s pet owners expect more:

A versatile portfolio of primary nutritional sources, with the expertise and capabilities to make them shine in the most demanding formulations

Premium egg, chicken, and health ingredients

Comprising some of the industry’s most trusted resources for these fundamental ingredients, Nuvin supplies customers with essential nutrition to build on, backed by an authoritative record in quality, safety, and sustainability.

Collaborative expertise, marketing insight, and advanced R&D capabilities

Nuvin fields a team of respected researchers, developers, and marketing specialists with vast experience in intensive product development.

Nuvin product range

Essential ingredients for foods that enable pets to thrive

Nuvin provides the simple, clean, sustainable solutions formulators need to meet the rising expectations of discerning pet owners. Our all-natural, foundational ingredients bring authenticity, credibility, and confidence to product development, helping forge the kind of products and labels more consumers are reaching for.

Egg Ingredients

We’re proud of our unique history in developing the extraordinary potential of egg, beginning decades ago as the first inedible egg producer in Europe and continuing in the U.S. with leadership in value-added egg ingredients since 1978. Today we offer a versatile range of exclusive egg products that meet the exacting and evolving needs of pet-food and value-added feed formulators around the world.

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Chicken Ingredients

Decades of industry expertise, a continuing commitment to R&D, and close customer collaboration all drive the development of our natural, nutritionally superior chicken protein, fat, and broth ingredients for premium pet foods.

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Health Products

Through product development based on clear market insight and differentiation, Nuvin continues to provide pet-food manufacturers innovative and natural nutrition solutions, helping consumers visibly improve their pets’ health and wellness.

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Nuvin solutions

Our ingredients can be your solution for the formulation of your applications

Select from either functional or nutritional solutions below:

Nutritional Solutions

Trending ingredients. Novel delivery formats. Custom products for pets with specific needs. Formulating the healthy foods consumers want next requires a deep product bench and an agile team of creative developers.

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Functional Solutions

Nuvin answers a wide range of binding, emulsifying, stabilizing, and other functional needs with a similarly broad assortment of advanced solutions built on the naturally appealing qualities of egg, chicken, and other label-friendly ingredients. Our team comprises decades of expertise in finding the opportunity in every challenge.

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Premium-quality ingredients meet applied expertise

As consumer expectations rise, so does the need for inventive approaches to product design and production. The range and versatility of Nuvin ingredients mean we can help you choose the ideal product for your customer, your formulation, and your pricing target. Start with a look at some of the applications for select products.

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