Our approach is infused with a strong culture of innovation, pets’ well-being, food safety and sustainability

Today, an increasing number of pet owners consider their pet as members of their family. Pet parents project their preferences onto their pet. As a consequence, they are becoming more engaged when shopping for pet products, and expect more choices, quality, and enjoyment for their pets. We partner with all stakeholders towards improving the quality of life of pets, increasing pet owner satisfaction, and supporting customer brand performance.


To bring cutting-edge solutions to the market and help customers always stay one step ahead, our research and innovation strategy is driven by a holistic approach that combines extensive knowledge on product attributes, animal specificities and pet owners’ expectations. Our team of expert scientists investigates pet food product performance drivers, and develops solid partnerships with companies, universities and scientific institutes from across the world.

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Global Standards

Pet owners are increasingly concerned by the quality and safety of the products they buy for their beloved animal. We are aware of this responsibility. Totally committed in providing safe and reliable solutions for the pet food industry, we implement the highest quality standards and operational excellence in all our subsidiaries worldwide.

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Born from the desire to get the most from local raw materials, while working alongside its customers, we have included sustainable development in our strategy from the very beginning of our existence.

Within Symrise, we extend our commitment to people, pets, and the environment with a sustainable agenda that is based on four pillars: footprint, innovation, sourcing, care.

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Pets well-being

The well-being of pets is at the heart of our mission. We have created an Animal Ethics Committee that evaluates research projects involving animals conducted by Symrise Pet Food and its partners. Members of this committee include internal animal welfare specialists, scientists, and non-scientific employees, as well as external experts. They are in charge of objectively ensuring that all procedures fully respect the well-being of animals.

In parallel, we have been working with alternative technologies to enable product development without the use of animal testing. They include innovative screening methods conducted with in vitro models based on cat- and dog physiology.

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