Panelis: the expert you need to ensure your panels meet methodological and ethical requirements

Changing an existing pet food recipe or introducing a new one involves risks and often costs.  Panelis helps you compile reliable information on your pet food performance. Only healthy, happy and unstressed pets ensure scientifically reliable results.

Panelis shares its extensive experience to help you guarantee pets’ well-being, ensure panel reliability and minimize costs, while gaining time on your panel project.

Tailor-made consulting services

To best meet your specific needs, Panelis provides three levels of services that include auditing and coaching, ‘Panelis Approved TM’ labeling and ‘one shot’ actions. An ‘à la carte’ choice of services that can be specifically adapted to provide the best support at any given stage in your product development.

To ensure better results

Coaching can help ensure test reliability, while guaranteeing pet well-being.
Panelis offers you a large range of support from specific recommendations to trainings adapted to your project*.

From initial audit of your existing facility to full support on a new project definition, Panelis can provide technical support on improvement actions (including analysis of qualification tests), training of your team managers on the Panelis site, and/or even support teams on your own site. 

*Support carried out under Consulting & License Agreements

Providing a second opinion

An expert diagnosis of your panels
Sometimes, an external point of view can be very useful in identifying your operations weaknesses and how you can improve them. Panelis expert help assess your existing facility through an initial audit* on your:

• Site: buildings and materials.

• Operations:  team organization, pets’ well-being and health monitoring.

• Testing methodology: protocols, systems and equipment, training and qualification of pets, quality control.

When the audit is complete, you will receive a detailed report with a recommended action plan.

*Support carried out under Consulting & License Agreements

‘Panelis ApprovedTM’ labeling: the Expert assurance

Benefit from Panelis full support and brand awareness to build your panel
Panelis ‘stamp’ means that you get expert support on your project from preliminary research to actuation. Ultimately, this is achieved through ‘Panelis ApprovedTM’ Labeling*

The process includes:

• An initial audit of your existing facility or full support on your new project definition.

• Technical support for project execution/ facility-building.

• Assistance with launch or switching to a Panelis activity (with final audit).

A ‘Panelis Approved™’ label follow-up (with at least one audit per year)

*All validation / renewal audits carried out by Panelis experts and an independent expert under Consulting & License Agreements

Get targeted results

Leverage the benefits of Panelis in-depth expertise on specific topics

Panelis can provide ‘one shot’ actions that are specifically adapted to your needs if you need support on very specific parts of your testing operations. Actions cover: 

• General guidelines for expert palatability panels.

• Technical studies.

• Training days (on Panelis premises or at your own facility).

• Guidance in the definition of a palatability testing program (choice of methodology, study of possible program optimization, checking of raw data and statistical analysis of results).

• Data mining:
          - Standard analysis of a versus test.
          - Global analyses for ranking on a series of tests.

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