Panelis’ innovative method to measure owners’ perception of their pets’ enjoyment

As more and more pet-owners consider their cat or dog as a family member, the pet industry is integrating how humans perceive their pet’s enjoyment as a valid criterion in assessing pet food performance.

Consequently, Panelis has explored this new ‘human’ dimension in its pet food evaluation. It all started with a consumer study to better understand how pet owners perceive their animal’s satisfaction. And, if pets have yet to tell us how they feel, humans have a lot to share about their furry friends’ emotions! The survey showed that a number of criteria significantly influence pet owner’s perception of their cat- or dog’s satisfaction. This concept was behind the birth and development of a new protocol to measure these criteria, which mirrors in-home-feeding conditions as closely as possible.

The liking test, designed by Panelis is an innovative measurement method that is based on criteria specifically chosen as indicators of the animal’s level of enjoyment and which are also discernable and meaningful for the owner.

How does it work?

Dry cat- and dog food – wet cat food

Performed by expert panels

One bowl, conditions as close as possible to home feeding environment

Individually calculated rations for each cat or dog

Which criteria apply to which results?

The survey showed that criteria, such as the percentage of ration eaten, the speed of consumption, and the percentages of refusals and finished bowls, significantly influence pet owners’ perception of their pet’s enjoyment.

The results obtained can be compared to a reference consumption, and enable the test diet to be ranked.

Why is it considered a trustworthy method?

By using rigorous measurements on valid criteria showing pets’ feeding habits, Panelis’ liking test gives the opportunity to observe feeding behavior patterns that are directly influenced by the sensorial and nutritional specificities of the product. Under expert panel conditions, you can achieve the most accurate assessment of pet foods with one-bowl protocols.

Is it the right protocol for you?

You can use this protocol to check that pets eat your product in a sufficient quantity to cover their nutritional needs, to ensure that there is no refusal, and to check that the level of consumption is at least equivalent to the reference consumption level. The liking test can also help you to rank your products, on the basis of consumption level and how much pets enjoy them.

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