Panelis is the most innovative and pet-friendly measurement center,
providing unique insights into pets’ preferences and behaviors.

There has been a marked change in the role of pets within our lives over the last decades. Pet parenting is a global phenomenon that is here to stay. Due to major changes in society, culture, and economy, pets have become full family members in many households and their owners’ relationship with them has evolved into a parenting role. This has created fresh consumer expectations for pet food, opening up a world of new possibilities for companies in the pet industry.

Market players need to complement pets’ feeding behavior with:

Owners’ perception of their pet’s feeding enjoyment

Pet's feeding enjoyment measurement

The worldwide renowned expert measurement center

Panelis is the worldwide expert in pet food palatability measurement. It provides its clients studies on cats and dogs’ feeding behavior, as well as an understanding of the influence of the emotional bond between pets and their owners.

Excellence in measurement

Scientific excellence and a strong sense of ethics are two of Panelis undisputable assets. The center’s teams ensure that all studies are reliable and objective, being based on repeatable and controlled testing methodology. Pet-friendly and quality driven, Panelis has conceived protocols that respect product characteristics and the natural and specific feeding rhythms of cats and dogs. Pets are carefully chosen and gently trained to become tasting experts. Since accurate answers can only be obtained from healthy, happy, and stress-free pets, Panelis has created the most pet-friendly environment for all its little furry gourmets!

Taking science a step further

Panelis relentlessly pursues its engagement in going deeper in its understanding of sensory and emotional mechanisms before, during, and after the meal.

Its unique innovative Pet Sens’ Innov hub, on its French site in Elven, uses the most cutting-edge tools and methods based on behavioral measurement criteria. Automatic continuous feeding systems, video, tracking systems… all these advanced technological tools allow our experts to observe and measure without disturbing the animals. Olfaction, taste, emotions, behavior are our favorite themes! We are all – dogs, cats and humans – resolutely connected, dedicated to new technologies in the service of innovation.

Unique insights in pets’ preferences and feeding behaviors

Panelis provides its expertise to help market players better serve consumers. Therefore, it relies on 4 expert centers in France, Brazil, USA and China, housing 780 cats and 320 dogs including 60 different breeds worldwide and an in-home community of more than 2200 families, excited to take part in the development of tomorrow’s pet food.

In response to industry challenges, Panelis constantly offers new and innovative methodologies helping manufacturers increase their product performance while supporting their brand promises.

Discover how Panelis can support decision-making and brand objectives through its complementary offer.

Measuring pets’ preferences and acceptability

Understanding pets’ preferences and acceptability is the corner stone of Panelis expertise. Thanks to its historical expertise on pet centric measurement, Panelis has developed rigorous approach and statistical methods to assess pet food performance. With a know-how that applies to a high variety of dry food, wet food and treats, manufacturers can get a robust and reliable ranking of their products in monadic and versus conditions.

An accurate way to support decision-making during pet food developments!

Measuring pet owners’ perception

Pet parenting has introduced a lasting change in pet owners’ expectations towards pet food. Accordingly, Panelis has completed its expertise by conducting in-home studies that investigate owners’ perception of their pet’s feeding behavior, while securing palatability measurement at home.

The objective: collect the most meaningful insights from the owner on their pet’s behavior before, during and after the meal. These pet and human centric methods are based on criteria scientifically proven to be indicators of the animal’s level of enjoyment, from a human standpoint.

A unique opportunity to assess palatability through owners’ eyes and validate pet food before market launch!

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Supporting your panels’ methodological and ethical quality

Willing to contribute to the global improvement of measurement, Panelis also offers consulting services to companies who develop their own palatability panels.

Panelis has proven that accurate measurement combined with pets’ well-being are key to ensure the reliability of panels’ results. The team shares its experience and provides a solid ad hoc support to the industry, through its consulting services on palatability measurement and panel management.

The benefits: prevent unrecoverable mistakes in building designs, panels’ selection and preparation, ensure results reliability and secure animal welfare.