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Catering to cats' individual preferences

Meal time is a privileged moment during which pet owners wish to please their animals with products best suited to their needs and expectations. Several studies already demonstrate that cats have individual preferences that are both innate, such as the dislike of bitter taste, and acquired.

In order to define whether it is possible to identify cat populations showing similar food preferences, Symrise Pet Food experts designed a complete study including palatability data from both expert and in-home cat panels. The results confirmed the existence of cat populations showing similar food preferences and also established that cat experts are representative of what cat consumers perceive in home-like conditions. 

Authors : J Roguès, L Le Paih, C Forges, C Baron, E Mehinagic @ Symrise Pet Food, Elven, France.

Results presented at Eurosense 2016 - Futurama 2015 -  Sensometrics 2014.

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