Latin America

CBNA Pet 2024
São Paulo / SP, Brazil

Meet Rubens Pulzatto Jr, Global Engineer at Symrise Pet Food, at the CBNA Congress and learn how to achieve homogeneous drying that guarantees palatability and safety

Drying homogeneity with a view to safety and efficiency.
CBNA Congress | June 6th, 2024 | Lecture | 11:00 am | Portuguese

Drying is an essential stage in the kibble manufacturing process. By reducing the water content, it prevents the development of pathogens and therefore guarantees safety. Drying also directly modifies the moisture content and texture of kibbles, key physico-chemical characteristics that have a strong impact on palatability.
But to be effective, drying must be homogeneous.

From the basic principles of drying to the factors that impact on its homogeneity, Rubens will share practical advice on how to improve drying efficiency and achieve the targeted kibble characteristics.

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