Visibly improving pets’ health and well-being

They are part of the family, so naturally we’re concerned with the quality of life our cats, dogs, and other companion animals enjoy. 

When you’re crafting the kinds of high-quality, nutritious pet foods more and more consumers demand, you can rely on our ingredients and our expertise to support the simpler recipes, all-natural formulas, and health benefits your customers trust.

Add value and differentiate your products

Elevate your brand with solutions that are proven beneficial, remarkably efficient, and strictly natural. Our expert support services include marketing assessment, consumer insights, and labeling advice to help your pet foods stand out in the store.

Find proven solutions

The efficacy of all our products is clinically demonstrated using tailored scientific measurement protocols for cats and dogs. We also make sure our solutions doesn’t impact negatively the taste of the pet food, with their palatability measured by Panelis, our expert measurement centers.

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healthy aging ingredients

Available in Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Latin America, and North America

Eggshell Membrane

joint health ingredients

Available in North America


dietary pH control for urinary health

Available in Latin America

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Making it work for pets

For the full range of formats and formulations (dry foods, wet foods, treats, and supplements), we scientifically confirm the efficacy of our health products in addressing such issues as weight management, digestive health, stress reduction, and aging.

Making it work for you

Our process is inspired by yours – and by consumers’ expectations the result will help take good care of the pets in their family. Nuvin health ingredients help your products perform as promised, putting greater consumer confidence to work for your brand.


Even when you run into unexpected development challenges, Nuvin will help you support your claims. Our clinically demonstrated solutions allow your products to bring visible health improvement for pets.




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Egg ingredients

Sustainably sourced whole egg, egg yolk, and egg white


Chicken ingredients

Real chicken protein, fat, and broth


Hydrolyzed proteins

Digestible proteins supporting premium claims

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