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Nonfood Sensory Evaluation 

Chapter 16 : Sensory evaluation of pet food products

Nowadays, a variety of new pet food products are being launched on the market. The rising global trend of pet ownership is linked to consumers’ increased product demand. Differentiation between different pet products is necessary not only from the nutritional and health perspective but also from pets' well-being and positive emotional experience perspective. 

Performing sensory analysis by pets to demonstrate product performance presents a challenge due to the pets' inability to communicate verbally. The use of the animal as a model is essential while respecting ethical aspects and animal welfare. This chapter aims to describe the methods and tools currently available to assess the global performance of pet food products by pets.


Nonfood Sensory Practices - August 2021

Authors: Julien Rogues, Erika Csoltova, Claire Larose-Forges, and Emira Mehinagic @Diana Pet Food, Elven, France

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