Опубликовано на 15 апреля 2020

Pet owner’s perception and behavioral assessment of dog’s and cat’s enjoyment

The pet food market has been experiencing a long-term underlying shift based on the evolution of the relationship between the pet owner and his animal. The stronger the bond between pets and owners, the more attentive owners are to their pets' level of enjoyment during the meal, thus impacting their decision to repurchase a brand.

This study conducted in-home aimed at investigating whether the pet owners' perception and interpretation of the behavior of their pets at mealtime could allow assessing pet food performance.

Results first showed that cat and dog owners were able to correctly interpret their animal behaviors toward food. Moreover, they demonstrated that the analysis of relevant behaviors can discriminate foods according to the level of enjoyment they procured.


Presented at Behaviour 2019

Authors: C. Forges-Larose, J. Rogues, E. Mehinagic, Diana Pet Food, Elven, France


Results presented in the poster are intermediate results.

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