Delikat by SPF: a range of cat food flavors to delight Asian cats

Gracious, elegant, independent… Cats can also be the most finicky individuals of the animal kingdom when it comes to food! Their owners are well aware that those furry cuties demand only the freshest food and water and tend to develop their own preferences regarding their diet.

To delight cats and, therefore, their owners, SPF has developed Delikat, a unique range of palatants targeting both olfaction and taste to provide a unique feeding experience.

To each cat his own favorites!

Pet owners wish to please their favorite companion with the tastiest food ever, but cats’ sensitive palate may be difficult to please!

Indeed, SPF researches showed that cats have individual preferences that are both innate and acquired and that those preferences can vary from one area of the globe to the other. It was also scientifically proven that blending different protein sources in order to release specific aromatic compounds can drastically stimulate cats’ appetite.

SPF developed a specific range of palatants especially designed for Asian cats, to better satisfy this cat population while meeting cat owners’ expectations.

Delikat: treating your Asian cat with delicious food

The Delikat range offers a complete palette of flavors and aromas
which will delight Asian cats and perfectly match your kibble formulations.
How does it work?



A delicious blend of selected poultry and fish protein matching perfectly Asian cats ‘preferences.




Micro granulated powders for optimized coating and great feeding experience.




A fresh, strong and delicious taste guaranteed, Delikat is preserved with a blend of antioxidants including rosemary extract and tocopherols




Two SPF patented technologies inside, which specifically stimulate cats’ taste buds while releasing key aroma compounds.


A special range starting from the best…to even better!

Delikat Regular is the entry level option for your premium kibbles. A good way for you to take the first step to improve your cat food palatability while making a real difference with the best price.

With an intermediate intensity level, Delikat Premium can be used on its own or gives its best aromatic expression once combined with an SPF cat liquid palatability enhancer.

Delikat Deluxe has the highest flavor and intensity level. It is made with selected soluble and volatile aromatic compounds which will guarantee that your pet food is really the most delicious on the market!