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Today, “pet parents” are more engaged in their companion animals’ lives than ever before. As they project their own preferences into shopping for pet products, they now expect more choices, quality, and enjoyment for these cherished members of the family.

At Symrise Pet Food, we support pet food manufacturers’ response to this evolving market demand with one ambition: to bring all pets a better life by being at the heart of every eating experience by 2030.

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We offer ingredients
covering 3 essential aspects of pet food

Consider what’s essential in pleasing pets and their people. Then see how Symrise Pet Food helps manufacturers deliver it all: pet food palatability to ensure pets eat the food; pet nutrition to support animals’ good health; and pet food protection to keep the pet food safe, appealing, and enjoyable.

Here is how our solutions can work for you:

Key picture of the SPF brand with an owner's hand feeding a cat from a spoon. The cat is white with brown ears and eyes. He's eating from the spoon and seems to be trying to help himself with his paw.Read more

Pet food palatability

Making pet foods more appealing

Key image of the Nuvin brand with a dog in tall grass, panting and looking healthy.Read more

Pet nutrition

Delivering complete, natural nourishment

Key image for the Videka brand with a ginger cat sitting with its head in a green jar with kibbleRead more

Pet food protection

Keeping pet foods fresh and safe

Our comprehensive view of the pet food ecosystem:

icon of the globe with oceans in blue and land in brown, with 4 locations

Pet food market

Our worldwide presence gives us unique access to the players and trends shaping markets in every region

pictogram of an expert appetence measurement center with the pictogram of a house, with the pictograms of a dog's head and a cat's head inside, and 5 stars above.

Pet behaviors and preferences

We learn what pets actually enjoy, directly from cats and dogs themselves, at our Panelis expert measurement centers

pictogram with a women's and dog's heads, illustrating the relationship between pets their owner

Pet owners’ expectations

We gain real insights into owners’ perceptions and buying habits using data from an engaged global community at Yummypets

We are the pet food partner who supports you at every stage of product development.


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Sep 25, 2023

Symrise Pet Food unveils dry pet food pilot production line at its regional headquarters in France

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Symrise Pet Food new facility in Brazil

Sep 20, 2023

Symrise Pet Food inaugurates production facility in Latin America

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Jul 18, 2023

Symrise Pet Food announces nutrition brand evolution with Nuvin™

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Pet Fair Asia 2024

Aug 21, 2024

Visit us at Pet Fair Asia

Asia Pacific

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Sep 3, 2024

Attend our conferences at Agrostat 2024

Europe, Africa and Middle East

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CIPAL 2024

Sep 25, 2024

Come to meet us at Cipal 2024

Latin America

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