Publicado en 28 noviembre 2017

BMC Veterinary Research - 2016

Anne-Sophie Martineau1, Véronique Leray1, Anne Lepoudere2, Géraldine Blanchard3, Julien Bensalem4, David Gaudout4, Khadija Ouguerram5, Patrick Nguyen1  - On behalf of Neurophenols Consortium

1 LUNAM University, Oniris, Nantes-Atlantic College of Veterinary Medicine and Food Sciences and Engineering, Nutrition and Endocrinology Unit, Nantes, France
2 Diana Pet Food, Elven, France
3 Animal Nutrition Expertise, Antony, France
4 Activ’Inside, Libourne, France
5 UMR1280 Physiologie des Adaptations Nutritionnelles, INRA-Université de Nantes, CHU-Hôtel Dieu, Nantes, France"


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