Publié le 18 mars 2021

Obesity is a well-known syndrome of excessive body fat in cats (Felis catus) that affects the health, welfare and lifespan of animals. Consequently, different diet strategies aiming to reduce voluntary feed intake in cats have been studied. 

One of these consists in reducing energy intake based on reduction of feed intake. Several clinical studies have demonstrated that dietary fibre inclusion in food reduced efficiently voluntary feed intake (VFI) in dogs. However, little clinical data is available regarding the impact of dietary fibre inclusion on cat’s feeding behaviours and VFI. 

The aim of the current study was to test the performance of sugar cane fibre included at three different levels in extruded feline diets. The main purpose was to measure the impact of fibre inclusion on the cats’ VFI, while maintaining palatability. 

Four feline diets were formulated with different inclusion levels of sugar cane fibre expressed on an as fed basis (0% sugar cane fibre (control), 3.7% of sugar cane fibre (SF3.7), 5.5% of sugar cane fibre (SF5.5) and 7.3% sugar cane fibre (SF7.3)). The VFI and palatability were evaluated in two different methods: a new method using 79 cats, called ‘consumption kinetics’ based on the dynamic measure of cat’s daily consumptions in ad libitum conditions providing information about cat’s feeding pattern, and the standard palatability two-bowl (versus) test using more than 30 cats. 

All foods had identical palatability performance, regardless of sugar cane fibre inclusion level, while the VFI of products containing 5.5% and 7.3% sugar cane fibre decreased significantly compared to the control diet. The level of supplementation of sugar cane fibre was efficient to reduce felines VFI without impairing food palatability level, and may be a useful ingredient to add to feline diets to improve the success of the weight management programs.


'Journal of Applied Animal Nutrition - August 2020

Authors: J. Rogues1, E. Mehinagic1,  D. Lethuillier1,  E. Bouvret1,  M. Hervera2, A Lepoudère1

1 - Diana Pet Food, Elven, France
2 - Expert Pet Nutrition, Nantes, France


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