Publicado en 22 marzo 2022

Today is World Water Day. 

In line with UN goal 6 “Water and Sanitation” and Symrise CSR commitments based on the four pillars – Footprint, Innovation, Sourcing, and Care, Symrise Pet Food pursues its efforts towards sustainable water management. Its objectives are the reduction by 4% of its water consumption/ton of finished product/year by 2025; and also, the improvement of water treatment quality by reducing by 4% the COD* in wastewater/year to limit damage to the ecosystem. 

To do so, the Symrise Pet Food Global Operations team focuses on implementing global standards and reinforcing good practices. Furthermore, Symrise Pet Food sites address several aspects of water management according to their local environment, as well as their improvement levers. 

The first axis of water management consists of reducing its consumption. In 2021, the Languidic-French site halved its water consumption/tons produced, thanks to a better sequencing of the production and the implementation of alternative cleaning means!

The second axis focuses on improving water treatment. Improvements in the water treatment systems made in Brazil and Spain have allowed them to treat all the water released by the plants before being released into the municipality system!

The third axis is the measurement of water consumption. Indeed, the analysis of water consumption in multiple locations and in real time is key to identifying improvement levers to reduce water consumption. The Elven-French site is installing around 70 connected water meters for real-time analysis of its consumption.

To go further, other sites are also studying how to reuse rainwater or to recycle hot water… 


The sustainable management of its water consumption is one of Symrise Pet Food’s levers to limit its global footprint, especially as a few of Symrise Pet Food’s sites are located in water-stressed countries. Although there is still considerable room for improvement, the small but significant actions initiated by employees on their sites prompts the company to go further in ensuring availability and sustainable management of water for all.

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