Publicado en 11 junio 2020

Over the last few years, Diana Pet Food has taken on the challenge of working on sustainability. The company will pursue its efforts relating to its stakeholders – customers, suppliers, employees, partners, etc. – and its environment. We are committed to achieving 16 objectives by 2025.


A first step has consisted of working on the product life cycle of our products. Thanks to this approach, we have been able to understand the split of our environmental impacts, not only considering our production plants but also upstream and downstream of our activity. This enabled us to build a relevant tool that assesses the environmental impacts of our whole portfolio and, more interestingly, this will support us in designing innovative products with reduced environmental impacts.


Besides that, and following a continuous improvement process, teams on all sites continue to be engaged in a lot of initiatives to improve our energy efficiency, waste reduction and valorization, raw materials and ingredients sourcing, and employees’ safety and well-being. 

The first eco-friendly plant in Colombia will also pave the way for the company’s future industrial projects and will assert our ambition to embed our sustainability approach in our DNA.


In line with Diana and Symrise objectives, Diana Pet Food commits to pursue its efforts by 2025 around 16 commitments within the 4 pillars sustainability policy: Footprint, Innovation, Sourcing and Care.