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The company intends to strategically strengthen its pet food offering for its customers.


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Symrise Pet Food announces nutrition brand evolution with Nuvin™

Holzminden (GER), July 18, 2023 - Symrise Pet Food has announced to transform its nutrition ingredients brand into Nuvin™. This includes plans to expand growth and advance sustainability for the complete offering of egg, chicken, hydrolyzed proteins, and health solutions. With this step, the company intends to strategically strengthen its pet food offering for its customers.

With this brand evolution, Symrise Pet Food moves to achieve key aspects of its longer-term strategy. At the same time, it continues to supply its customers with the fundamental ingredients and collaborative services essential to premium formulations.

Further pursuits in natural nourishment

The new brand inherits a thriving portfolio in natural pet nutrition: value-added egg in the form of Ovalin™ nutritional products and OvaBind™ binding and emulsification ingredients for functional applications. Pepti'One hydrolysates come from a range of select, single-source animal proteins. Premium-quality chicken protein, broth, and fat for dry and wet formulations also add to the portfolio as well as health solutions.

"Clearly, the initial brand served us well in establishing a footing in the global marketplace. It also helped us setting the tone for our authoritative position in quality, safety, and sustainability," explains John Tiedeman, General Manager, Nutrition Business Line at Symrise Pet Food. "Now, Nuvin™ picks up where Nutrios™ leaves off. This reflects our determination to elevate the existing brand equity with greater innovation as we move into an intensified strategic phase of growth and vitality."

These industry-leading product lines will retain their existing individual branding. Nuvin™ advances its ingredients and associated capabilities in service to customers, consumers, and their pets.

Building on collaborative expertise

Nuvin™ fields a distinguished team of researchers, developers, and marketing specialists with proven experience in intensive product development, based on all-natural, foundational ingredients. For customers that want to premiumize their offerings, these experts create nutritious and functional solutions to visibly improve pet health and wellness.

Existing Symrise facilities, systems, and personnel will continue to provide these products and services as the Nuvin™ brand transformation proceeds.

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