Health products: visibly improve pets’ health and wellness

Cats, dogs, and all kinds of other comforting creatures are now considered members of the family.
Naturally, their health and well-being are a growing concern. Our high-quality ingredients help you create pet foods that ensure optimal nutrition, with the kinds of simpler recipes, all-natural formulas, and health benefits your customers can understand and trust.

Added value and differentiation in the industry

Nuvin adds value and helps differentiate and elevate your brand above the rest, thanks to formulating solutions that are uniquely beneficial, truly efficient, and made from natural ingredients. You’ll also enjoy extra services such as marketing, consumer insights, and labeling advice to help valorize your pet-food products.

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Solutions that really work!

We clinically demonstrate the efficacy of all of our products using tailored scientific measurement protocols for cats and dogs. We also go the extra mile to ensure our solutions are as attractive and enjoyable as they are nutritious, with their palatability impact measured by Panelis, Symrise Pet Food’s expert measurement center.

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Inspired by consumers

Our product-development process is inspired by yours—and by your customers’ expectations of natural, beneficial nutrition that meets the needs of the animals they love. Nuvin health ingredients help your products perform as promised, so you can translate consumers’ confidence into clear and differentiating product positioning.

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Address, adapt, and evolve

We adapt our all-natural ingredients to the full complement of pet-food processes (dry food, wet food, treats, supplements) and scientifically confirm their efficacy in addressing health issues such as weight management, digestive health, stress reduction, and healthy aging.

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Developing products that offer health benefits can pose unexpected challenges in choosing ingredients that support your claims.

Nuvin knows how to help, with clinically demonstrated solutions that consumers can count on to deliver visibly improved health and wellness for their cherished companion animals.

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