Vivae provides innovative and natural nutrition solutions,
visibly improving pet health and wellness.

Cats and dogs are now members of the family, their health and well-being are a growing concern for their attentive owners.
Pet owners are looking for:

Pet food of quality, insuring the right coverage of their companions’ nutritional needs

Simpler recipes, fewer ingredients, all natural

Benefits that they can understand and trust

Solutions to visibly improve their pets' health and well-being

Extra added-value and difference for the pet food industry

Thanks to solutions that are different, truly efficient and made from natural ingredients, Vivae offers its clients a unique added-value and a means of differentiation.

Solutions that really work!

Vivae clinically demonstrates the efficacy of all of its products from tailored scientific measurement protocols with cats and dogs. Moreover, all Vivae solutions work the extra mile as they are insured to be attractive and enjoyable, their palatability impact being measured by Panelis, Symrise Pet Food’s expert measurement center.

Inspired by consumers

Vivae’s entire product development is inspired by pet owners’ expectations and consumers’ understanding. From the choice of ingredients to the final product labeling, every step answers one simple question: “what does the client need?”. All Vivae’s solutions stem from solid market insight, allowing pet food manufacturers to define a clear and differentiating product positioning, and pet owners to translate product health benefits into visible signs of their pet wellness.

Innovation in pet food health & nutrition

All of Vivae’s solutions are made from natural ingredients, adapted to all pet food processes (dry pet food, wet, treat, supplements) and scientifically proven to be efficient. Developed to address specific health issues such as weight management, digestive health, stress reduction, healthy aging, they also support flexible claims.
And because Vivae responds to all of its clients’ needs, it provides extra services such as marketing, consumer insights and labeling advice to valorize pet food products.

Keep your pet fit

Overweight and obesity are well-known public health concerns for human beings. An increasing number of pets are also affected because of lack of physical activity and unbalanced diet. But few pet owners will deprive their favorite companion! That is why Vivae provides satiety solutions allowing a better weight control by stimulating stomach kinetics.

Discover Fiber 3D, offering a unique long lasting feeling of satiety

Keep your pet healthy

Digestive problems can cause tremendous discomfort for pets. Reducing allergy occurrence, improving bowel function and digestive health are key levers to increase pets’ well-being. Therefore, Vivae offers unique solutions allowing higher pet food digestibility and functionalities, while reducing risk of allergies.

Keep your pet alert

Much like humans, pets’ life expectancy has been continuously increasing over the past years. Therefore, pet owners want to provide the best care to their four-legged companions for as long as possible. To limit changes associated to ageing and to maintain a lifelong bond between the pet and its owner, Vivae has developed solutions targeting cellular protection and antioxidation, promoting natural defense, supporting immunity and limiting age-related memory decline.

Discover Pro'Age, a natural dietary solution to help pets and their parents grow old together

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