Posted at 20 May 2022

We are pleased to be part of this new edition of Foro Mascotas Pet Food... our first time as Symrise Pet Food!

We invite all pet food industry to meet us on June 16th-17th at Expo Guadalajara. We’d love to introduce everyone our new organization that is the result of the joining forces of former trusted companies, Diana Pet Food, ADF, IsoNova and Schaffelaarbos.

Plan your visit and meet our sales team and experts in booth 27-30 to discover our solutions and services addressing your needs on:
-    Pet Food Palatability with SPF
-    Pet Nutrition with a new brand, Nutrios, gathering the portfolio of the legacy brands Schaffelaarbos (egg ingredients) and Vivae (health solutions)
-    Pet Food Protection with Videka, the joint venture between Symrise and Kalsec

Meet us booth 27-30!

See you there!


On June 17, besides visiting us at our booth, you will be able to attend the conference that Rubens Pulzatto, Manager of Aplicalis LATAM, will give about kibble coating.


Kibble coating: how to maximize palatability performance

Foro Mascotas Pet food | June 17th 2022 | 9:45 - 10:15 |Main Ballroom | Spanish

Palatability is strategic for pet food manufacturers: no consumption = no repurchase. 
Making kibbles tasty and aromatic with liquid and powder palatants is an essential element of manufacturing a pet food product that dogs, cats... and owners… will love. And one of the most important aspects of dry pet food palatability is the way coating ingredients are applied to kibble. To maximize meal attractiveness, powder and liquid palatants must be as accessible as possible to the pet’s highly sensitive nose and taste buds. 

After a quick introduction on palatability mechanisms and drivers, Rubens will share the essential tips to perfectly handle each coating step and maximize dry pet food palatability performance.