Chicken ingredients: nourishing by nature

Leading the industry since 1978 with premium poultry ingredients including naturally nourishing, responsibly valorized chicken protein, as well as innovations like shelf-stable, non-rendered chicken fat and concentrated chicken broth, today our team continues to build on our technical expertise and capability.

Collaborate to innovate

Our relentless research and development work drives exceptional ideas for natural products based on a gentle, proprietary cooking process using USDA raw materials. We collaborate with customers to develop unique, nutritionally superior chicken protein, fat, and broth ingredients for premium pet foods.

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Boost your place in the pet-food chain

Our collaborative model not only delivers more optimal formulation and nutrition, it also helps meet your marketing challenges—for instance, finding target-specific ingredients like lower-ash and lower-fat chicken powders—to add the product flexibility and customization that can make your products stand out.

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Real nutrition pets naturally love

Nuvin brings real chicken nutrition that meets companion animals’ natural needs, including highly digestible, premium-quality protein that’s comparable to egg—plus nourishing fats and broths that help round out pet diets in satisfying, efficient, high-performance pet foods.

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Chicken makes it all work better

Feed your formulation in more ways than one, with nourishing ingredients that also provide functional benefits for your products and process—so you can create premium pet foods in the formulations and formats your customers are calling for.


Loved by pets and trusted by pet parents everywhere, Nuvin chicken products offer the natural, foundational nutrition and functionality
that make them time-honored staple ingredients in premium pet foods and treats.

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