Publicado en 12 septiembre 2023

Natália Gonçalves, R&D Manager at Symrise Pet Food in LATAM, will explain what palatability stands for at All Pet Food Day 2023 in Colombia.


What palatability stands for?

All Pet Food Day | November 14th | 9:35 am 


How can I make sure that pets will eat my product?
This is a major question when creating a pet food. Indeed, food attractiveness and enjoyment are at the heart of recipe development.

During her talk, Natália Gonçalves, R&D Manager for Symrise Pet Food in LATAM, will explain what palatability means, how it works and why it is strategic for pet food manufacturers.

She will present how the characteristics of a food interact with cat and dog anatomy, sensory equipment and feeding behavior, leading to a specific palatability level. A focus will be finally made on the essential role of palatants in a pet food palatability performance. Natália will explain what palatants are made of, how they are applied in the different types of pet food and why their use is essential to create products that pets will love!


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