NutriosTM delivers natural ingredients and deep expertise
to help build animal nutrition that serves evolving consumer demands.

Whether they're easygoing animal lovers or passionate "pet parents",
consumers' sense of responsibility begins with the choices they make in feeding these special members of the family.  

Contemporary pet owners expect more:

Nourishing, natural, real food for cherished companion animals

Confidence in quality, suitability, and sustainable sourcing

Choice in the way their pets' nutrition is produced and delivered

Special attention to addressing specific nutritional needs

A versatile portfolio of primary nutritional sources, with the expertise and capabilities to make them shine in customers' most demanding formulations

Premium egg, chicken and health solutions

Comprising some of the industry's most trusted resources for these fundamental ingredients, Nutrios supplies customers with essential nutrition to build on, backed by an authoritative record in quality, safety, and sustainability.

Collaborative expertise, marketing insight, and advanced R&D capabilities

Nutrios fields a team of respected researchers, developers, and marketing specialists with vast experience in intensive product development. 

Essential ingredients for foods that enable pets to thrive

Nutrios provides the simple, clean, sustainable ingredient solutions formulators need to meet the rising expectations of discerning pet owners. Our all-natural, foundational ingredients bring authenticity, credibility, and confidence to product development, helping forge the kind of products and labels more consumers are reaching for. 

IsoNovaTM is now the egg solution of Nutrios, the Nutrition brand of Symrise Pet Food, manufacturing innovative egg products from locations throughout the U.S. As the only manufacturer whose single focus is egg, we offer a host of exclusive value-added products that meet the exacting needs of pet food and value-added feed customers.

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Schaffelaarbos is now the egg solution of Nutrios, the Nutrition brand of Symrise Pet Food, as we continue in our passion to produce circular proteins for the animal feed industry. By processing residual flows into high-quality protein sources and other ingredients, Schaffelaarbos contributes to a circular and positive food system. 

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Leading the industry with premium poultry ingredients since 1978, ADF® is now the chicken solution of Nutrios, the Nutrition brand of Symrise Pet Food. Innovators of shelf-stable, non-rendered chicken fat and shelf-stable concentrated chicken broth, we continue to build on our technical expertise and capability.    

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Now a part of Nutrios, the Nutrition brand of Symrise Pet food, Vivae continues to provide innovative and natural nutrition solutions, visibly improving pet health and wellness.

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