Posted at 16 June 2022

Symrise Pet Food experts will share insights about sensometrics ant pet food performance measurement at Eurosense 2022.


> Product information on dog food might influence owner’s perception of his pet’s feeding behaviors

Emira Mehinagic - Symrise Pet Food - R&D Head of the Global Methodology Center

Eurosense | September 14th 2022 | Poster Session 1 | 16:00 - 18:30 | Logomo Lobby | English

Pet owners are exposed to numerous information and marketing claims when buying food for their animal. The brand, the ingredients or the announced nutritional benefits can impact their purchasing behavior and product selection. Once at home, owners mainly evaluate the pet food performance via the quantities consumed and the observation of their animal attitude during the meal.

Emira's study investigated whether the product information presented to a dog owner could influence his perception of his animal’s feeding behaviors thus his evaluation of the product performance.


> How statisticians can help dogs shape their summer body: validation of a new method to assess dog food satiating performance

Céline Baron - Symrise Pet Food - Statistics R&D Manager

Eurosense | September 14th 2022 | Poster Session 1 | 16:00 - 18:30 | Logomo Lobby | English

Dogs’ overweight and obesity issues have noticeably increased during the last decades. Excessive body fat accumulation is a serious health concern that affects dog’s quality of life. One nutritional strategy to fight weight excess consists in limiting food intake by using satiating ingredients. 

Céline will present a new reliable and non invasive method to evaluate the level of short-term satiety induced by different dog foods. This method could help pet food manufacturers validate the performance of their food and substantiate their positioning and claims.

Workshop Use of AI in sensory and consumer research - Industry applications

Eurosense | September 14th 2022 | Workshop 1 | 9:35 - 11:05 | Teatro Hall | English

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly used in food industry to solve business challenges and to increase efficiency. It often applies to machine learning approaches on data analysis, modelling, and prediction tools. 
Emira Mehinagic, R&D Head of Symrise Pet Food Global Methodology Center, and Julien Rogues, Data Scientist and Artificial Intelligence expert for Symrise Pet Food, will participate in a unique workshop on Artificial Intelligence organized with Symrise at Eurosense 2022. 

The workshop will show practical industry applications and user cases which leverage AI. Experts will also discuss the challenges on the implementation of such approaches within organizations, from both sensory and consumer researchers’ point of view. 

Time will be dedicated for a panel discussion with experts and participants.


Cat’s feeding behaviors and their personality traits – insights from unsupervised learning”.
 Julien Rogues, Symrise Pet Food, Elven, France

Using AI in industry: challenges and tips from the user’s point of view”. 
Emira Mehinagic, Symrise Pet Food, Elven, France

Predicting Flavor trends from multisource data.” 
Dariah Lutsch, Symrise, Holzminden, Germany

SWOT- How to assess your company’s Consumer and Sensory sciences teams AI capabilities?” 
Danielle van Hout & Vanessa Rios de Souza, Aigora, Midlothian, USA


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