Egg ingredients: nature’s most promising food supply

Long devoted to pursuing egg’s unique nutritional power, today Nuvin goes beyond the inherent natural goodness of this “miracle food” to continually develop exclusive, value-added ingredients that meet the exacting needs of pet food and value-added feed customers.

At our Innovation Center, we work side by side with customers to create breakthrough solutions to the most challenging needs in the business.

Single source of serious nourishment

Eggs make great nutrition for people and their pets—so it makes sense to make the most of all that the process can provide. During human food manufacturing, residual materials are captured and valorized for use in premium pet-food ingredients.

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What makes egg so powerful

Besides being delicious and satisfying, an egg represents a treasure trove of nutritious components delivering extended benefits such as immune support and anti-microbial properties, as well as functional qualities like better texture and binding.

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Products to fit your formula

The full range of Nuvin egg products opens immense possibility for creating new ideas. It makes available a host of powerfully nutritious egg ingredients in a variety of versatile formats to give you broader formulating flexibility.

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Feed the whole pet family

Nuvin egg is the main ingredient in a variety of versatile nutritional solutions designed to help realize your most ambitious formulating goals. We’ll help you choose the right products and combinations from our full roster of inventive ideas.

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Egg works wonders

The functional capabilities of Nuvin egg solutions are unparalleled in the pet-food industry. For binding, emulsifying, enhancing texture, improving shelf stability, and more, nothing works harder in your products than our advanced functional solutions.


Nuvin egg products bring exceptional nutrition and functional qualities to innovative creations like yours—in fact, egg can lend its premium performance to virtually any format or formulation you can dream up.

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