Vivae’s Fiber 3DTM fights pets obesity and bans feelings of deprivation.

As humans, pets increasingly suffer from unbalanced diet and lack of physical activity endangering their well-being, their health and ultimately their life span. Thus, pet weight management becomes a rising concern for pet owners. Factors such as breed, age, sex or hormonal imbalances can all contribute to weight gain. Weight loss diets solely based on intake reduction often fail due to low owner compliance, as they are reluctant to deprive their dearest companion.

Good news! Vivae has developed Fiber 3D™, an innovative solution that provides a longer-lasting feeling of satiety, satisfying pets’ appetite while supporting owners in their pet’s weight management program.

Understanding pets and owners’ needs


Understanding the decisive role of pet owners in cats and dogs’ weight management led Vivae to approach the issue differently. For pet owners, feeding their pets is about love not frustration. This insight was fundamental in understanding that weight management pet food has to be attractive to pets and provide a feeling of satiety.

Understanding of both pets and owners’ needs was the first step for Vivae to set up a research program for new ingredients that can reach the ideal balance between palatability and satiety.

Vivae research led to the development of Fiber 3DTM, a non-soluble fiber solution made from sugar cane helping to slow the digestive process and thus providing a longer-lasting feeling of satiety.

Key product performance

By promoting weight loss in pets without negatively impacting the relationship between owner and pet, Fiber 3D™ is truly an innovation in the pet food industry.

Improved satiety

Low fermentacibility

High water and oil absorption

It really works!

Vivae revolutionary product has proven its efficacy thanks to Panelis, the Diana Pet Food expert center in palatability measurement. During the 2,500 meals served, using Fiber 3D™, the amount of food eaten was lower; while none of the pets rejected it. Tasty food, reduced intake and an appetite more quickly satisfied: mission accomplished!

Overall health improved

Pets lose weight and get healthier! Aside from weight management benefits, Fiber 3D™ has nutritional and nutraceutical properties improving pets’ intestinal health, hairball control and dental hygiene.

Only from the best natural sugar cane

Vivae has sourced the best natural sugar cane, free from impurities. A partnership was born with Dilumix, an important producer in the pet food ingredients business, located in Leme – Brazil. This Alliance leverages complementary resources and expertise to jointly manufacture natural sugar cane fibers. To offer only the best quality solution.